Myths About Training And Fat

Do you think you get a flat stomach by training the abdominal muscles a lot? Then you are wrong. And so there are many more misunderstandings …

Myth 1) You can change fat in muscles

Muscles and fat are from another substance. That is why muscles and fat can not come instead of each other. You can reduce the body percentage of fat and increase muscle tissue. To build more muscle , you simply have to follow a good training schedule. To get less fat, you must eat well balanced.

Myth 2) Only training with electrical muscle stimulators is enough

Unfortunately, with a muscle stimulator alone you probably will not become a big muscle bundle. With electric current you can contract muscles. But these small muscle contractions are not enough to achieve great results. And in case of improper use, you can even burn your skin with it instead of fat!

Myth 3) Vibration plates make fat disappear

Vibration plates stretch the crown in terms of the empty promises about the results. Research shows that the same exercises, with or without vibratory plate, give you exactly the same results. With shopping you consume about the same amount of energy as when you are standing on the vibrating plate. You have to vibrate about 7000 minutes to get rid of 1 kilogram of fat.

Myth 4) Stamina training works best to lose fat


Stamina training is important, but muscle training is also important. Muscle training has been underestimated for years. Muscles burn more calories than fat, even at rest. The more muscles you have, the more you burn, making it easier to keep your weight under control. A combination of fitness training and strength training is the best.

Myth 5) In order to burn fat, you have to train for a long time at a low intensity

What at the end of the day is how many calories you have consumed in total. If you want to burn fat, you have to consume more than you get inside. The best training program therefore differs per person.

Myth 6) By doing a lot of abdominal exercises, you get rid of the fat around the belly

abdominal exercises

No matter how many abdominal exercises you do, the fat around your waist will not disappear. For visible abdominal muscles you must have a very low fat percentage. This requires a complete training (more consumption) and a balanced diet (less intake).

Myth 7) For ‘slim muscles’ you have to do many repetitions with little weight

‘Slim muscles’ do not exist at all! What your body looks like is determined by two things: how much fat you have and how much muscle mass you have. You can reduce the amount of fat, making the muscles more visible and more form in your body.

Myth 8) To burn fat, it is best to train after Eating

If you train at a certain intensity, you will “burn” the same number of calories regardless of the time you train. In practice you can say that the best time to train is the time that suits you best.

Myth 9) You can Eat anything if you Train Enough

Unfortunately, if you want to make up for bad food with a lot of training, you will be disappointed. One simply does not go without the other. Although poor food and not exercising at all is much less healthy than training. You can get the most out of your training by feeding yourself with good fuels from a high quality food.

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