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Lose weight without diet, behind that slogan hides many offers. Sometimes recipes, sometimes diet pills or dietary powders, but also liposuction, weight loss through sports or adjustment of dietary habits. They promise a lot, but the success varies and is usually only short-lived. body fitness e-book

Losing weight without moving is a utopia

Losing weight by moving is probably the most effective method to lose pounds without diet . The principle is simple. If you do not come with your normal diet and do not fall off, you will lose weight as soon as you start exercising. This wisdom uses the calorie principle: to lose 1 kg of body fat, you have to burn 7,000 extra calories .

As an example we take walking , currently one of the most popular sports in overweight people. With a body weight of approx. 70 kg, you consume around 350 calories with 45 minutes of walking. Our walker therefore needs 20 training sessions of 45 minutes to get rid of 1 kg of body fat. At 3 training sessions per week, a weight loss of 1 kg would cost 7 weeks. Although many people are not satisfied at that slow pace, it should be remembered that gradual losing weight is best. Those who want to lose weight faster and have a BMI of 28 or more, could consider the wonder drug Alli, but preferably after consultation with the doctor.

Sports and weight loss

3 Week Workout Plan

The above is, of course, only a theoretical approach. In practice it often looks different. Usually sports tissue is built up by means of sports and fat tissue is reduced . The weight initially remains the same, but the body becomes slimmer. Beginning athletes rarely mention any significant weight loss, despite 3 to 4 training sessions per week. That is also the fate of the many joggers and walkers that you find en masse on the roads of our cities. But of course it can also be that many of those novice athletes think they should eat more.

Combination of Strength and Endurance Training

The best result in sports and weight loss is achieved through a combination of strength and endurance training (endurance). On the one hand it promotes muscle building and on the other it improves the condition. The training can be performed separately, for example, 2 times a week strength training and 2 x weekly endurance training, but also interval training is effective, ie strength exercises are alternated with exercises for endurance. For women, there are now also the new figure studios where the devices are set up in such a way that circuit training is performed with alternating exercises for strength and endurance.

Overweight people have a dislike of sports

The only problem is that people who are overweight have a whole-hearted aversion to practicing sport and will not quickly venture into a sports hall or join a running group. Many running groups also have a problem with beginners because they can not keep pace with the group and stop the group. And the alternative to go out alone is often not that attractive either. And also in the fitness center one feels lonely and watched through the superfits. For women, there is often only the aforementioned special figure studio. Here one is with women, young and old, fat or thin. A really good alternative for women who want to be active in sport; It does not matter if you are beginner or advanced. Visit – my latest blog post

Is summer running and you ‘ve decided to get slim ? Then you’ve come right! In order to lose weight quickly you need to know what you are doing. That you have to work out and sleep you already know, but what should you really eat?

The middle measure is defined by what you eat and how you live – it is a reflection of your lifestyle. It does not automatically mean that you get nice just because you’re thin, or you’re less good just because you’re a bit bigger.


Lose weight fast – but not just to get slim

The food you eat affects not only the weight of your scale, it also affects the color of your face, the strength of the hair and the softness of your skin. When you want to lose weight quickly, it’s easy to start skipping meals and stop eating carbohydrates and just eating green. It does not stand.

This list is for those who want to lose weight fast – and at the same time get a nice and soft skin and a good belly!


The apples contain something called pectin. Pectin has the excellent ability to slow down your digestion and make you feel full of saturation. Several studies show that apples increase your saturation and as a result you consume fewer calories.

The saying “an apple if then keeps the doctor away from town” is logical when you see what an apple contains. Antioxidants, Vitamin C and Fibers to name a few benefits in the front line. If you want to become thin, apples are something you should implement in your diet schedule. It stops your hunger and it contains very useful . Go for it!


Just because you want to lose weight fast and get your dream body before the summer begins, you should not exclude fat. Never exclude fat. As we mention in our guide to weight loss , no fat you eat is stored in your body as fat.

Avocado is often described as “super food” . It’s good and comes with: magnesium, potassium, useful fat, folate and Vitamin E and C. Avocado contains a lot of fat to be a fruit and even a few calories – but do not worry, it’s useful fat. A very good fruit that you should definitely eat, if not every one, every other day. It benefits both well-being and your goal of losing weight fast.


Something we have a lot of in Sweden. Calorie-resistant and incredibly rich in antioxidants. Blueberries contain manganese, which has the advantage that some people can speed up the metabolism .

Studies also show that blueberry is good for the skin and memory. Do you want to eat food that makes you get smarter and at the same time get a nice and tender skin? Then burn some calories to pick your own blueberries in the woods and then eat them until the evening meal. Good to mix with yogurt.


Everyone who trains “knows” to eat broccoli. Not really everyone knows why, though. Broccoli is very stale on calories, but very rich in fiber . But above all, it has also been shown to contain substances that counteract cancer!

An incredibly useful vegetable that has become a standard among athletes and bodybuilders, just because of its rich content and positive health effects. Whether you want to be thin, go down 10 kg or build big muscles – eat broccoli


I know, the list has so far consisted of fruits and vegetables – but carrots are so useful that they can not be ignored. If you want to lose weight quickly, you should know that carrots contain a lot of water and fiber – which increases the sense of saturation when you eat them. Whose parents have not said that carrots give you better vision? They also forgot to mention that carrots improve the immune system, too.

Chia Seeds

So small, but oh so useful! Contains vital things such as: magnesium, calcium and omega-3! Because they are so filled with fibers, they reduce your hunger very quickly – which is beneficial if you are getting slim and dreamy this summer. Vegans often eat chia seeds just because of their extremely useful content. Something myself should eat a lot more of.

Do you think you get a flat stomach by training the abdominal muscles a lot? Then you are wrong. And so there are many more misunderstandings …

Myth 1) You can change fat in muscles

Muscles and fat are from another substance. That is why muscles and fat can not come instead of each other. You can reduce the body percentage of fat and increase muscle tissue. To build more muscle , you simply have to follow a good training schedule. To get less fat, you must eat well balanced.

Myth 2) Only training with electrical muscle stimulators is enough

Unfortunately, with a muscle stimulator alone you probably will not become a big muscle bundle. With electric current you can contract muscles. But these small muscle contractions are not enough to achieve great results. And in case of improper use, you can even burn your skin with it instead of fat!

Myth 3) Vibration plates make fat disappear

Vibration plates stretch the crown in terms of the empty promises about the results. Research shows that the same exercises, with or without vibratory plate, give you exactly the same results. With shopping you consume about the same amount of energy as when you are standing on the vibrating plate. You have to vibrate about 7000 minutes to get rid of 1 kilogram of fat.

Myth 4) Stamina training works best to lose fat


Stamina training is important, but muscle training is also important. Muscle training has been underestimated for years. Muscles burn more calories than fat, even at rest. The more muscles you have, the more you burn, making it easier to keep your weight under control. A combination of fitness training and strength training is the best.

Myth 5) In order to burn fat, you have to train for a long time at a low intensity

What at the end of the day is how many calories you have consumed in total. If you want to burn fat, you have to consume more than you get inside. The best training program therefore differs per person.

Myth 6) By doing a lot of abdominal exercises, you get rid of the fat around the belly

abdominal exercises

No matter how many abdominal exercises you do, the fat around your waist will not disappear. For visible abdominal muscles you must have a very low fat percentage. This requires a complete training (more consumption) and a balanced diet (less intake).

Myth 7) For ‘slim muscles’ you have to do many repetitions with little weight

‘Slim muscles’ do not exist at all! What your body looks like is determined by two things: how much fat you have and how much muscle mass you have. You can reduce the amount of fat, making the muscles more visible and more form in your body.

Myth 8) To burn fat, it is best to train after Eating

If you train at a certain intensity, you will “burn” the same number of calories regardless of the time you train. In practice you can say that the best time to train is the time that suits you best.

Myth 9) You can Eat anything if you Train Enough

Unfortunately, if you want to make up for bad food with a lot of training, you will be disappointed. One simply does not go without the other. Although poor food and not exercising at all is much less healthy than training. You can get the most out of your training by feeding yourself with good fuels from a high quality food.

Are you truly prepared with those extra kilos and do you want to drop weight quickly? Then obviously you wish to know where you can best begin. You might ask if a diet helps well, and if so, which diet would fit you best?

In this post I will respond to all these concerns and much more.

It is maybe more crucial to inform you first what your finest not to start with.

It might be that you have simply read someplace about a certain diet plan, which is stated to be fast and simple to lose, without excessive problem. Unfortunately such a combination is nearly difficult and such a diet will not be a good start to reduce weight.

It is likewise not wise to start with a heavy sports program. A great deal of running or other heavy work-outs can be very difficult for your body and the outcomes will typically dissatisfy you too rapidly. As a result, there is a great chance that you will not sustain this and that much weight-loss will not happen in the short-term.


Exactly what is wise to begin with for fast and heavy weight loss?

Your method of believing!

Go take a look at your body in a different way and change the method you think of food! I will discuss what I indicate by this:

It is necessary to treat your body as a temple!

Provide the body what it requires and avoid things that problem your body. If you handle to believe that method 24 hours a day, you are currently a crucial step even more.

It is likewise essential not to see unhealthy food as a pleasure!

Some individuals are going to consume since it is against it. They call this ‘home cooking’. Nutrition is not implied to make you better once again. Food can be pleasurable, however not to become unhealthy, because that happens with unhealthy food. Go see healthy eating as a satisfaction, since also healthy consuming can be very yummy, easy and inexpensive.


The next step is just as important as changing your way of thinking. You have to understand that losing weight constantly takes a lot of effort. A minimum of, if you want to do it in an enduring and healthy way!

In addition, it does not constantly take a great deal of effort. I am actually just speaking about the very first couple of weeks. After all, you need to change your diet and habits permanently. And there you need to discover your method the beginning, get used to it and be busy with it.

It is especially important to be extremely busy with your ultimate goal in the start! In doing so, I immediately concern another point. You will have to draw up a plan, with precisely what you want to achieve! It is best to be someplace on this plan writing.

Put in your plan the number of kilos you wish to lose, what does it cost? time you want to do this and how you want to do this. That last point may be hard, due to the fact that if you knew how finest to lose weight, you most likely did not have an overweight problem. It is therefore essential to try to find how you can slim down healthy and permanently.


Despite the fact that you already know a few aspects of weight-loss, there will always be tips that you do unknown yet, but fit extremely well in your scenario. So keep looking for new pointers and guidance. Then explore this and if they work for you, keep them going and attempt to add them into your daily practices.

As long as you keep searching for information about ways to get a healthy weight, you will find something new every time. This will keep you inspired and you will likewise get more and more knowledge of your very own body and how you can truly live healthy. Here you, however also your environment, will benefit your entire life.


My name is Irene Gifford. I am a professional blog writer and researcher who constantly research on how can one preserve its overall health.

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