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“Male breasts” or “moobs” are a growing problem with men who are very embarrassed. More and more men are having their breasts reduced by means of plastic surgery, it turned out last year. However, according to health expert, that is not necessary, because you have to tackle the causes.

In his new book ‘Lose The Moobs’, he therefore revealed various – often surprising – causes of male breasts. “I want to explain to men why they have accumulated fat around their breasts. That way they can get rid of it again,” he says. These are the 10 biggest causes. Oh MyMoobs

1. Ready-made meals
The plastic containers that are used to pack ready-made meals contain a lot of phthalates. These substances are known to contribute to the formation of male breasts. When you heat the dishes in the microwave, those phthalates end up in your diet. Men who want to eat really prepared meals, therefore, better take them out of their packaging for warming up.

2. Plastic bottles
Plastic drinking bottles also contain phthalates. If the plastic is heated, for example because the bottle stays in the car, those phthalates can be released in your drink.

3. Canned
food The same happens with canned food, because even those packages often contain phthalates. Goulding therefore recommends avoiding these foods as much as possible.

4. Malfunctioning liver
Your liver is responsible for the degradation of the substances that lead to male breasts. But if you consume too much alcohol or caffeine, your liver may not work optimally and the chance of ‘moobs’ will be a little higher.

5. Stress
The testosterone in a man’s body helps in breaking down fat around the breasts. But if you are stressed, less testosterone is produced and the chance of ‘moobs’ is therefore greater.

6. Too much exercise
Strengthening your muscles is a good way to prevent male breasts. On the other hand, exercise also causes stress hormones to be released, and they contribute to their formation.

7. Shower gel
Many toilet products contain parabens, some studies have shown that they can lead to hormonal changes. If you use a lot of shampoo, shower gel, deodorant and aftershave, it is a good idea to look for paraben-free versions.

8. A low-fat diet
You have to lose fat to get rid of your male breasts, but a diet low in fat is bad for your testosterone levels. However, you need that hormone to get rid of your female figure.

9. Constipation
If you go to the toilet less than once a day, you urgently need to change that. After all, your intestines form an important waste system for many substances that would otherwise lead to male breasts.

10. Sugar
Research has shown that eating sugar disrupts the levels of male hormones. That can lead to male breasts.

Lose weight without diet, behind that slogan hides many offers. Sometimes recipes, sometimes diet pills or dietary powders, but also liposuction, weight loss through sports or adjustment of dietary habits. They promise a lot, but the success varies and is usually only short-lived. body fitness e-book

Losing weight without moving is a utopia

Losing weight by moving is probably the most effective method to lose pounds without diet . The principle is simple. If you do not come with your normal diet and do not fall off, you will lose weight as soon as you start exercising. This wisdom uses the calorie principle: to lose 1 kg of body fat, you have to burn 7,000 extra calories .

As an example we take walking , currently one of the most popular sports in overweight people. With a body weight of approx. 70 kg, you consume around 350 calories with 45 minutes of walking. Our walker therefore needs 20 training sessions of 45 minutes to get rid of 1 kg of body fat. At 3 training sessions per week, a weight loss of 1 kg would cost 7 weeks. Although many people are not satisfied at that slow pace, it should be remembered that gradual losing weight is best. Those who want to lose weight faster and have a BMI of 28 or more, could consider the wonder drug Alli, but preferably after consultation with the doctor.

Sports and weight loss

3 Week Workout Plan

The above is, of course, only a theoretical approach. In practice it often looks different. Usually sports tissue is built up by means of sports and fat tissue is reduced . The weight initially remains the same, but the body becomes slimmer. Beginning athletes rarely mention any significant weight loss, despite 3 to 4 training sessions per week. That is also the fate of the many joggers and walkers that you find en masse on the roads of our cities. But of course it can also be that many of those novice athletes think they should eat more.

Combination of Strength and Endurance Training

The best result in sports and weight loss is achieved through a combination of strength and endurance training (endurance). On the one hand it promotes muscle building and on the other it improves the condition. The training can be performed separately, for example, 2 times a week strength training and 2 x weekly endurance training, but also interval training is effective, ie strength exercises are alternated with exercises for endurance. For women, there are now also the new figure studios where the devices are set up in such a way that circuit training is performed with alternating exercises for strength and endurance.

Overweight people have a dislike of sports

The only problem is that people who are overweight have a whole-hearted aversion to practicing sport and will not quickly venture into a sports hall or join a running group. Many running groups also have a problem with beginners because they can not keep pace with the group and stop the group. And the alternative to go out alone is often not that attractive either. And also in the fitness center one feels lonely and watched through the superfits. For women, there is often only the aforementioned special figure studio. Here one is with women, young and old, fat or thin. A really good alternative for women who want to be active in sport; It does not matter if you are beginner or advanced. Visit – my latest blog post

Natural painkillers , do they exist? Or have we been sentenced to the painkillers that fight pain as a symptom without bringing the body into balance? Yes, those painkillers are there. You have to search well, because you will not find via advertising through the pharmaceutical industry. Doctors generally do not know these substances either. Because doctors visitors do not speak about it.


Palmitoylethanolamide is extensively treated elsewhere ; it is an endogenous painkiller, which is free of side effects and can be taken without problems together with other medications. It naturally inhibits pain and chronic inflammations.

nerve pain


Try this drug 2 months before you make a final assessment. The drug resets the entire pain system, and requires time. This applies to virtually all natural painkillers. But also pharmaceutical drugs, such as Lyrica, you have to try for several weeks before pain relief occurs. Palmitoylethanolamide has been studied in a large number of pain types, from reniapine to osteoarthritis pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome pain and pain in diabetes and after chemotherapy, and can be tried for all types of pain. No side effects and no interactions with other means.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid is especially well researched in pain from diabetes and diabetes pain, and in Germany even registered as a medicine. Alpha-lipoic acid is a so-called coenzyme that plays an important role in the citric acid cycle. This is a series of biochemical processes that take place in a cycle through which sugar (glucose) is converted into energy (ATP). Alpha-lipoic acid and its degradation product dihydrolipoic acid act as anti-oxidants: these are substances that can neutralize the so-called free oxygen radicals. Oxygen radicals are reactive molecules that affect structures of the body, such as nerve barriers and cell membranes. So substances that accelerate us rust. The effect is documented in more than 15 clinical studies.


For patients with pain due to rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, an interesting preparation has become available: Boswellia Research is currently being carried out at various locations. This preparation is a vegetable medicine from Ayurvedic medicine, which has the same effect as corticosteroids and forms the basis of incense! The effect is examined pharmacologically and relies on the inhibition of the inflammatory process via so-called leucotriene inhibition. Leucotrienes provide the body with fueling and maintaining the inflammatory process. Boswellia acids inhibit the enzyme, 5-lipoxygenase, which plays a key role in the production of leucotrienes.


Curcuma is a centuries-old medicinal herb, which is widely known in Ayurvedic medicine. For several years it has become increasingly clear that Curcuma has a lot to offer, provided that you take a biologically available preparation. Curcuma from the spice jar is almost in the blood after ingestion. Well if you add black pepper and heat it in fat (eg in coconut oil).

Professor Bharat B. Aggarwal, Ph.D. from the University of Texas (USA), together with colleagues, thrown a stone into the pond, and hopefully the ripples will now arise. They say that a plant remedy, Curcuma, presumably works just as well as super expensive pharmaceuticals because they have the same mechanism of action. Moreover, the plant product does not have the terrible side effects of the industry.

Various studies show that we are behind eight or more hours a day behind a screen. That means scrolling through Instagram, WhatApp and Facebook for eight hours and on top of that, skipping news websites and batching bingewatches. That is perhaps the reason why so many people want to improve their mental health in 2018. And we may be almost mid-January, with many more days and months to go, this is the perfect long-term project. Sounds better than a year of Netflixing, right?

1. Sleep well enough

Recent research by the World Health Organization shows that two-thirds of adults do not get the recommended eight hours of sleep per night. Nevertheless, a chronic sleep deprivation can lead to mood disorders such as depression and other mental health problems. Therefore, try to ban all evildoers who disturb your sleep from your room. Think of that coffee or tea at bedtime and the blue light of your digital devices.

brain health

2. Do not worry about things that have not happened yet

The book ‘The Worry Cure’ by Dr Robert L. Leahy shows that in 85% of cases we are worried about things that never happen and that we actually stress nothing. Nevertheless, chronic stress is associated with a greater chance of clinical depression. In short: you worry less, is the best way to give your mental health a boost. But how do you start now? Therapy is a good option, but not the cheapest at the same time. So try to write down your worries. You immediately feel lighter and afterwards you can retrieve them to evaluate the outcome.

3. Stop dieting

Here you have already discovered why crash diets never work , and whoever tried one before can confirm that you are not exactly happy. It is therefore not surprising that people who accept their bodies, regardless of their body shape, more often have better mental health and a more satisfying sex life (and more orgasms), and are happier their relationship. If you really want or need to lose weight for your health, then follow a balanced diet in which you do not exclude nutrients, but move regularly instead of imposing endless restrictions on yourself that you never endure.

4. Take a hobby

Take this year to learn a new skill, improve a talent or do more of what you like to do. Reading has shown that it improves relationships and reduces depression, writing about emotional events helps to restore and to create something, in any sense, has been proven to help temper negative thoughts and reduce stress and anxiety.

5. Deal with your digital addiction

A digital detox may sound boring, but those eight hours a day you spend on different media do not usually do you much good. Experts in mental health and technology are convinced that Twitter makes us insensitive to gruesome events and that Instagram has a bad influence on your sleep, body image and feelings of fear, depression and loneliness. But unless you live in abandoned shacks in a forest, you probably rely on technology for your social life or work every day. Therefore do not go completely cold turkey but start with a few small steps. Look no longer for example during the meal or an hour before bedtime to your smartphone and build up quietly.

6. Move more

It is undeniable that exercise has a good influence on your mental health, but that does not mean that you have to drag yourself to the fitness every time. For example, yoga helps very well to improve the symptoms of depression and sleep disorders. Swimming, in turn, reduces stress and anxiety. If you really want to challenge yourself, you can register for the Antwerp 10 Miles or the 20 kilometers from Brussels, but do something that you really like.

Many men (and to a lesser extent women) suffer from hair loss and baldness . As many as 20% of men are already balding on their 20th and 40% around 40. Often the reason for the hair loss is simply explained by heredity .

Until recently it was actually said: shave your hair for a short or late hair transplant (we leave a wig here for a moment).

Using tools such as vitamin B or using hair water may be useful, but will not prevent a hereditary form of hair loss. Medical science and business have not stood still in recent years. A number of ‘new products’ have appeared on the market that are very successful for many people:

Finasteride : this is a substance that has been shown to block the conversion of testosterone to DHT (hydrotestosterone). DHT shortens the growth phase of the hair, causing baldness. Finasteride has been marketed as a remedy against prostate enlargement. Finasteride is available in pill form ( Propecia ). The medicine is not reimbursed by the health insurer.

Dutasteride : this substance appears to be more effective than finasteride in blocking sales of testosterone to DHT. Here too it is a substance that was previously only used to prevent prostate enlargement. The drug is in pill form and is under the drug name Avodart . If you use Finateride or Dustasteride it is ALWAYS necessary to make an appointment with your doctor. The dose must be determined in consultation with your doctor.

In addition to the abovementioned resources, there are many resources on the market that can be obtained from the chemist. The efficacy of these products has often not been scientifically proven.

Gynecomastia is present in these times quite often, it is estimated that gynecomastia idiopathic, i.e. occurring without a clear reason, affects up to 36% of adult males. The term “gynecomastia” comes from the Greek language with a combination of the words “gyne” meaning “woman” and “mastos”, which means breasts. Gynecomastia may result from adipose, glandular or mixed nature. Gynecomastia, also called lipomastia, most often results from obesity – and although often the reduction in body weight is also associated with a reduction in the breast, it does not always allow the man to completely get rid of this problem.

Aesthetic medicine offices now offer many treatments that can help in the removal of gynecomastia. Regardless of the nature of gynecomastia, before making a decision about the procedure, it is necessary to undergo thorough medical diagnostics including laboratory tests and breast ultrasonography. Its main goal is to eliminate serious health problems that may be responsible for the emergence of gynecomastia, such as hormonal imbalance or breast cancer – whose incidence in men is estimated at around 1%.

What are the available methods for removing gynecomastia fat?

In the case of fat gynecomastia, liposuction is the most commonly used method of its removal. In lipomastia, this procedure involves sucking up excess fat from the breast. It can be done by the classical method or using more modern techniques that shorten the period of convalescence and minimize the risk of complications.

Classic liposuction is an operation that is performed under general anesthesia and usually lasts about 1-1.5 hours. The surgeon performs cuts of 2-3 cm in the chest crease. These cuts are then inserted into cannulas, which are used to suck out excess fat. Scars remaining after liposuction performed by traditional methods are usually almost invisible. During the first few days after the procedure, the patient may feel discomfort of the operated area, therefore, analgesia is often necessary during this period. In order to obtain the best results for about a month after the treatment, you should wear a special compression vest, which aims to reduce swelling. The final effects of the operation can be assessed after a few months – the method is considered to be effective and brings lasting results.

Liposuction using ultra-sounds is a more modern face of traditional liposuction, which also applies to the treatment of gynecomastia (more information on the portal ). Ultrasound is used in this case to break up fatty tissue, which is easier to remove. In addition, it allows for more precise modeling of the treated area and control the amount of extracted fat. This method makes it possible to remove excess tissue with smaller diameter cannulas – and thus the procedure is less invasive than traditional liposuction.

It may sound a little crazy, but many men make the known mistakes when they want to introduce a hair product. No worries, we are going to tell you exactly how best to add a wax, clay, pomade, paste, gel or whatever hair product. It is very important to know what you are doing, otherwise you might not get the result you want. Too much is not good, too little is not good either.

We start at the beginning. If you want to apply a hair product to the hair, you can actually do this in two ways. You can apply the product on damp / towel dry hair or you can apply your hair product to dry hair.

Apply hair product into damp hair. dry hair

When you apply a hair product to damp hair, the effect is that your hair will get a ‘wet-look’ much more once it has dried up. Of course, this also depends on the type of product you use. For example, a pomade is much wetter than a clay and the result will be accordingly.

If you apply the product to dry hair, you create much more structure. For example, if you want a messy haircut with natural finish, then you can better apply the product to dry (or minimally damped) hair. Again, the properties of the product largely determine how the result will be.

Bring the hair product

How do you apply the product? You almost always start in the same way. Take a small amount (a good dollop product on the tip of your index finger). Spread the product well in your palms and make sure it is distributed on your hands.

Then comes the most important thing. Most men make the mistake of starting to smear immediately at the front of their crest. So this is really wrong and THE reason why your haircut ‘collapses’ so quickly. So start greasing at the back of your head. Do not just coat the top of your hair, but go with your hands through your hair and make sure it is evenly distributed throughout your hair.

You now have the most product at the back of your head (where you also have the most hair). Then you can now style the front of your hair as you wish. There is not now too much product at the front so you avoid ‘collapse’.

Take small amounts, you can always take more if you think there is not enough hair product in your hair.

Use the last part to style the sides of your hair. Many men want a certain haircut, but use too much product, making it impossible to get any similarity with the example. So be subtle.

So, now you know how to use a hair product and you will not easily make the common mistakes. For more male grooming tips visit My Beard Guy website.

Good luck!

Breast cancer is a cancer that sounds very familiar. Many women in Belgium and the Netherlands get the disease. Yet it is not just about middle-aged women. Women under the age of 30 also get more and more breast cancer. Often people wonder how this can be done at a young age. The answer here is heredity. Yet it is still a guess for women if you are taxed and therefore have a higher risk of breast cancer.

Breast cancer in numbers

According to in the figures for 2017 we see that in the US 1 in 11 women and in all over the world even 1 in 9 women will ever get breast cancer. When we want to stop this, we also need to understand how breast cancer develops and respond to the hereditary factor. About five to ten percent of all breast cancers come from a genetic disorder.


Hereditary burden is in our genes. This means that there must be a mistake in a gene of your DNA if you want to be hereditary. You can also pass on those genes. The genes that make you more at risk for breast cancer are called BRCA genes. BRCA stands for breast cancer. With the genes BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 in particular being important here. If you have a disorder on one of these two genes, you are 60 to 80 percent more likely to develop breast cancer. Moreover, you also have more risk of developing ovarian cancer with the BRCA gene. In medical terms these abnormalities are called BRCA mutations.


The CHEk2 gene is also a gene that gives an increased risk of breast cancer. The difference with the BRCA gene is that the CHEK2 gene does not give an increased risk of ovarian cancer. This mutation is relatively rare in Belgium and Dutch. Only 1 percent of the population has this gene mutation. When breast cancer is present in your family and you are a carrier of the CHEK2 gene mutation, you are 35 to 50 percent more likely to develop breast cancer. If you have this abnormality and have already had breast cancer, you also have more risk of getting breast cancer again in the other breast. Moreover, CHEK2 has another risk factor. You can inherit this deviation from both your mother and your father. This means that you can double the deviation twice. This is called a homozygous CHEK2 mutation. When you have this mutation,


Men can also get breast cancer. If you have a parent with breast cancer due to a genetic BRCA gene deviation, you also have a fifty percent chance of getting this yourself. Most breast cancers in men are also due to a deviation from the BRCA gene. This means that they too can pass on this deviation to their children. It is also very important for the man to know that the BRCA mutation can not only provide breast cancer, but also exceptional for prostate cancer.

To test

There are two tests that you can do to investigate whether you have a mutation on your gene. This is the diagnostic test and the predictive test.

agnostic test

A diagnostic test is only possible for people diagnosed with breast cancer. It is therefore examined whether other family members have had breast cancer and at what age. When there are several people present with breast cancer or persons who at a very young age, there is looked at persons under 35 years, breast cancer had a DNA sample taken for research. This steel is in the form of a blood sample. After relinquishing the sample you have to wait a few months for the result. This is because they want to look at the genes in detail to detect errors and this takes time.

Predictive test

A predictive test is possible for every family member who has or has not had breast cancer. However, there must first have been a positive diagnostic test in a person who had breast cancer. Otherwise a predictive test does not make sense. You can not just go to the doctor and ask for a predictive test to have certainty. Both men and women can get a predictive test. A condition is that you are eighteen years or older for taking the test. The purpose of this test is to determine whether you can get breast cancer yourself through a genetic abnormality. A blood sample is taken during this test. This steel is examined extensively. After about eight weeks you have the results.


Self control

When you know that you have an increased risk of breast cancer, it is very important to do breast check. Although this is recommended for every woman. Here go with your hand across the chest to under the armpit. You feel the tissue to see if you feel lumps. The first time this feels uncomfortable, but after practicing a few times you get to know your breasts very well. This makes it easier to recognize when there is a small lump that was not there the previous time and you can go to the doctor more quickly. When breast cancer is diagnosed, it is often a very early stage that is easier to cure. If you do not know how to do self-monitoring, your doctor or your gynecologist can help you further.


A mammography is a research that is often used to detect breast cancer. For example, in Belgium and the Netherlands preventive screening for breast cancer is being carried out. Every woman aged 60 to 75 receives an invitation to be screened for free every 2 years by means of a mammography. Although this does not work for everyone. For example, a woman under the age of 25 will have no sense in mammography. The tissue of the breast of a young woman has not evolved enough. As a result, one can not clearly see the difference between healthy tissue that is still developing and a cancerous tumor.

Preventively remove the breasts cancer

When you as a woman know that you have a 60 to 80 percent chance of getting breast cancer, it is usually recommended to have the breasts removed if there is no desire for children. This is completely preventive. In this way, the risk of getting breast cancer falls below the risk of an average woman in Belgium and the Netherlands. Note that you still have a low risk. This is possible because sometimes a small amount of breast tissue remains behind during the operation. Breast cancer can still develop in that small piece of tissue. To have a preventive breast operation done, you have to meet some conditions. These are:

The DNA research shows that you have an increased risk of breast cancer
Breast cancer is so common in the family that a preventive surgery is also an option
You have received information about all operating options, so that you can make a good assessment
You have received information about alternatives for surgery (screening)
You receive psychosocial support during the decision process and after the procedure
You will receive a consultation with an (oncological) surgeon
You will receive a consultation with a plastic surgeon
You have enough reflection time to make the decision for a preventive operation

Is summer running and you ‘ve decided to get slim ? Then you’ve come right! In order to lose weight quickly you need to know what you are doing. That you have to work out and sleep you already know, but what should you really eat?

The middle measure is defined by what you eat and how you live – it is a reflection of your lifestyle. It does not automatically mean that you get nice just because you’re thin, or you’re less good just because you’re a bit bigger.


Lose weight fast – but not just to get slim

The food you eat affects not only the weight of your scale, it also affects the color of your face, the strength of the hair and the softness of your skin. When you want to lose weight quickly, it’s easy to start skipping meals and stop eating carbohydrates and just eating green. It does not stand.

This list is for those who want to lose weight fast – and at the same time get a nice and soft skin and a good belly!


The apples contain something called pectin. Pectin has the excellent ability to slow down your digestion and make you feel full of saturation. Several studies show that apples increase your saturation and as a result you consume fewer calories.

The saying “an apple if then keeps the doctor away from town” is logical when you see what an apple contains. Antioxidants, Vitamin C and Fibers to name a few benefits in the front line. If you want to become thin, apples are something you should implement in your diet schedule. It stops your hunger and it contains very useful . Go for it!


Just because you want to lose weight fast and get your dream body before the summer begins, you should not exclude fat. Never exclude fat. As we mention in our guide to weight loss , no fat you eat is stored in your body as fat.

Avocado is often described as “super food” . It’s good and comes with: magnesium, potassium, useful fat, folate and Vitamin E and C. Avocado contains a lot of fat to be a fruit and even a few calories – but do not worry, it’s useful fat. A very good fruit that you should definitely eat, if not every one, every other day. It benefits both well-being and your goal of losing weight fast.


Something we have a lot of in Sweden. Calorie-resistant and incredibly rich in antioxidants. Blueberries contain manganese, which has the advantage that some people can speed up the metabolism .

Studies also show that blueberry is good for the skin and memory. Do you want to eat food that makes you get smarter and at the same time get a nice and tender skin? Then burn some calories to pick your own blueberries in the woods and then eat them until the evening meal. Good to mix with yogurt.


Everyone who trains “knows” to eat broccoli. Not really everyone knows why, though. Broccoli is very stale on calories, but very rich in fiber . But above all, it has also been shown to contain substances that counteract cancer!

An incredibly useful vegetable that has become a standard among athletes and bodybuilders, just because of its rich content and positive health effects. Whether you want to be thin, go down 10 kg or build big muscles – eat broccoli


I know, the list has so far consisted of fruits and vegetables – but carrots are so useful that they can not be ignored. If you want to lose weight quickly, you should know that carrots contain a lot of water and fiber – which increases the sense of saturation when you eat them. Whose parents have not said that carrots give you better vision? They also forgot to mention that carrots improve the immune system, too.

Chia Seeds

So small, but oh so useful! Contains vital things such as: magnesium, calcium and omega-3! Because they are so filled with fibers, they reduce your hunger very quickly – which is beneficial if you are getting slim and dreamy this summer. Vegans often eat chia seeds just because of their extremely useful content. Something myself should eat a lot more of.

The brain is the most complicated human organ. From the outside they look a bit like a walnut, through all those folds and grooves. Inside it is no more than a liver-colored soft mass, not much bigger than two clenched fists. Yet this mass is very important for our functioning.

The brain is also called encephalon or the brain. Together with the spinal cord and the nerves in the body, they are part of the nervous system and lie within the protection of the skull. Through the senses comes in all kinds of information and the brains are constantly working to this information process . For every kind of information, language, emotions, memory and movement, is a separate area in the brain.

brain health

You can classify the brain globally in the cerebellum, the cerebrum and the brainstem. The big brains are divided into two halves: hemispheres. Each half controls the movement of the muscles on the other side of your body. The hemispheres are in contact with each other via the brainbar. Through this nerve path, both halves exchange information with each other, in this way information from one half is always available to the other half.

Brain Bark

The outside of the big brain is covered by the cerebral cortex, also called cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex shows many grooves (sulci). These grooves separate the windings (gyri) from each other. The brains get a large surface through all windings. This allows the brain to contain more nerve cells. Some grooves in the cerebral cortex are deeper: these grooves divide the large brain into four large lobes.

The cerebral cortex consists of a thin layer of nerve cells, neurons. This layer is also known as the gray matter. Immediately beneath this layer, inside the brain, is the white matter. These are the foothills of the neurons. The different parts of the brain are connected to each other and to the spinal cord through these processes.

At the back of the brain are the small brains. Like the large brains, they are heavily pleated and the outer layer is formed by gray matter. The brain stem forms the connection between the large brain, the spinal cord and the small brain.

Brain Rooms

The two hemispheres of the brain, hemispheres, are built around four brain chambers (ventricles). These rooms are filled with cerebrospinal fluid. The brain floats, as it were, in the fluid. This fluid serves as a pad for the brain and spinal cord. In addition, it eliminates waste and helps to maintain a good body temperature.

Every day the brain chambers produce between four and five hundred milliliters of cerebrospinal fluid. This is completely replaced three times a day. The cerebrospinal fluid is absorbed into the bloodstream at the surface of the brain.


Finally, the brain (and spinal cord) are surrounded by three meninges, meninges. The first soft brain membrane (pia mater) contains blood vessels. Around this is the spider web (arachnoid). Blood vessels are present in the space between these two membranes and there is cerebrospinal fluid. Around the two membranes is the protective hard meninges, dura mater…


My name is Irene Gifford. I am a professional blog writer and researcher who constantly research on how can one preserve its overall health.

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