10 Surprising Causes of His Male Breasts

“Male breasts” or “moobs” are a growing problem with men who are very embarrassed. More and more men are having their breasts reduced by means of plastic surgery, it turned out last year. However, according to health expert, that is not necessary, because you have to tackle the causes.

In his new book ‘Lose The Moobs’, he therefore revealed various – often surprising – causes of male breasts. “I want to explain to men why they have accumulated fat around their breasts. That way they can get rid of it again,” he says. These are the 10 biggest causes. Oh MyMoobs

1. Ready-made meals
The plastic containers that are used to pack ready-made meals contain a lot of phthalates. These substances are known to contribute to the formation of male breasts. When you heat the dishes in the microwave, those phthalates end up in your diet. Men who want to eat really prepared meals, therefore, better take them out of their packaging for warming up.

2. Plastic bottles
Plastic drinking bottles also contain phthalates. If the plastic is heated, for example because the bottle stays in the car, those phthalates can be released in your drink.

3. Canned
food The same happens with canned food, because even those packages often contain phthalates. Goulding therefore recommends avoiding these foods as much as possible.

4. Malfunctioning liver
Your liver is responsible for the degradation of the substances that lead to male breasts. But if you consume too much alcohol or caffeine, your liver may not work optimally and the chance of ‘moobs’ will be a little higher.

5. Stress
The testosterone in a man’s body helps in breaking down fat around the breasts. But if you are stressed, less testosterone is produced and the chance of ‘moobs’ is therefore greater.

6. Too much exercise
Strengthening your muscles is a good way to prevent male breasts. On the other hand, exercise also causes stress hormones to be released, and they contribute to their formation.

7. Shower gel
Many toilet products contain parabens, some studies have shown that they can lead to hormonal changes. If you use a lot of shampoo, shower gel, deodorant and aftershave, it is a good idea to look for paraben-free versions.

8. A low-fat diet
You have to lose fat to get rid of your male breasts, but a diet low in fat is bad for your testosterone levels. However, you need that hormone to get rid of your female figure.

9. Constipation
If you go to the toilet less than once a day, you urgently need to change that. After all, your intestines form an important waste system for many substances that would otherwise lead to male breasts.

10. Sugar
Research has shown that eating sugar disrupts the levels of male hormones. That can lead to male breasts.


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